We are leoprabhu.com believe that every purchase that you make with us will help you get a reformation in your business. We have seen business making 10X more that what they have invested on our trainings.

We are also providing cashbacks on our training programs if you complete the assignments as guide on each and every step.

Note: These are time based cashbacks which applicable only if you complete the assignments on time.

Still if you feel like the course didn’t bring change in your business then we whish to give the money back that you have paid towards the training with us.

All you need to to send an email to [email protected] and the rest will be taken care by our team.

Refund Guidelines:

  • There will be no refunds, if you have not completed all the videos of the training.
  • Refunds will not be applicable if you have not completed the assignments. 
  • Refunds are applicable only for students who have completed all the video’s and assignments.
  • Refunds are not applicable on change of mind.
  • We understand that there will be special cases for which you can mail to [email protected] our team will examine the special and try to resolve it