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Hi I am Leo, your Amazon seller coach. Let’s analyze your strengths and passion through scientific approach. Based on which we will be creating an action plan that will help you become a successful Amazon seller. Go-ahead and book a call with me, see you on the other side.

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Book a call to get your custom strategy

When you book a call with me I will be helping you with a custom strategy that will help you to become a  successful seller.


We will analyse your interest level your interests and get your a list of profitable niches from which you can start selecting the products to sell.

Action Plan

You will be getting a checklist of tasks that you must do to get your first profitable product live on Amazon.


I will be also sharing a tentative budgets that you need to invest on each task to get your first product live.

What do our Clients say?

Our clients are overwhelmed with our support in nurturing their Amazon seller account.

"My interest with social entrepreneurship got into shape with Leo's guidance. Leo helped me finding products that suits my passion and yet has a better demand. Also with complete branding, website, ads and Amazon sales boost"
Roy Choudhury
"I have restarted my career after becoming mom twice. I do everything on my laptop and mobile. Leo guided me right from product selection, listing, optimization & ads" I now enjoy motherhood along with being a entrepreneur.
Sudha Nandhini
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Frequently asked questions

GST is a must have for products across all the categories, there are some products that are exempted from GST. If you sell those products then you don’t need a GST.

I launched a product on Amazon at just 7K, if completely depends on the type of product you select.

You can CA can help you with that, he/she might charge you with 2k for that.

Yes, absolutely you can. no prior experience required to start.

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Yes, you heard it right. Once you know how to sell products on Amazon you will make money while you sleep, every morning you wake up and see your seller account with sales numbers that helps you start your day with huge confidence and motivation. I can see you smiling while reading this. Not sure where to start?
Leo Prabhu